Watch Online

Join us at 10:00am Live every Sunday on YouTube and on Facebook.


Questions and answers to help you make the most of church online.

You can watch and participate on our YouTube Channel or on our Facebook Page.

We start an announcement loop / countdown stream at 9:45am, 15 minutes in advance of the published start time to give you a chance to get settled and confirm it’s working on your end.

We’d recommend pulling up the YouTube stream (search for “One Hope Church Livestream”) on a TV or a computer screen that everyone can easily see. Because the YouTube app comes preinstalled on most TVs, AppleTV, Roku, etc, this is the simplest, quickest, and most focused group solution. 

Facebook is a great place to engage with more people and easily invite your friends and family to join you.

We have something just for them! Every week at 10:00am we host a Kids Zoom call during the first half of the main livestream. You can find more info on the Kids Gathering on our Events calendar.

We also get that young kids want to be kids and don’t love watching long events while sitting still. We have amazing resources being updated weekly on our Family Resources page. We encourage you to use these as tools to connect with your kids in these times!

Absolutely! In fact, we’d encourage you to do so!

In a live, in-person event this is obviously not normal and attention is focused mostly on listening during a sermon. However, the online environment is different and engagement is highly encouraged. We have volunteers participating and watching the comments to be able to engage with you at all times during the stream so post questions, comments, prayer requests, etc.

If you’d like to give your undivided attention to what’s happening on the stream, we recommend hiding the comments or going full-screen with your video.

In very rare cases, if you click the YouTube link before we actually begin streaming, it won’t appear when we go live. This is fixed by refreshing the page or navigating away and then back to the link. It will also help that we’re committed to going live 15 minutes in advance so you have time to get connected.

First, check the comments. If we are experiencing trouble on our end or other viewers are commenting, this is on us and we’re on it.

We’d also recommend checking your device mute, platform mute (mute button on the screen overlay), and volume.

Fill out a feedback form if you think it’s something we need to address.

We want to hear from you! We are constantly trying to be better at what we do and hearing constructive and detailed feedback helps us do that. Share feedback here.