Sunday Gatherings Resume October 25th

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Hello One Hope!

Because of the success of our Night of Worship from a safety and logistics standpoint, we have officially planned to resume weekly in-person gatherings on Sunday, October 25th at 10:00am at the Blanchard Park YMCA. 

This past Saturday, we hosted 70 people safely in the YMCA gym for a Night of Worship with our new safety procedures in place. It was a beautiful time of singing and praying together after many long months of waiting. Read on to hear more about what we’re doing to make safety our top priority and your last concern.

A Call to Serve

We are really excited about the opportunity to be together but we need all hands on deck to make this enjoyable for not just the people who already call One Hope home, but for people seeking community in this strange season.

In order for us to make these in-person gatherings possible, we will need additional volunteers in a number of key strategic areas. Each team member is asked to serve twice per month.

  1. Production: we need 5 team members per week to help us use audio, video, and lighting to help the church worship in person and online.
  2. Setup: we need 4 team members per week to set up and tear down signage, chairs, and room items before and after the gatherings.
  3. Welcome: we need 4 team members per week to greet people, answer questions about masks, and conduct check-in.
  4. Church Online: we need 2 team members per week to serve from home as chat hosts on Facebook and YouTube.
  5. Band: we are looking for team members on drums, bass, electric guitar, and keys; audition will be required.
  6. Safety: we need 2 team members per week to help make the YMCA a safe place for people to gather.

Serving Next Step

If you’re ready to jump in – either you’ve served before and just aren’t sure if we still have you on our lists or you’re completely new to serving – we want you to complete a Serving Test Drive form. A Test Drive is simply a hands-on serving experience where you can find out if a team is right for you. We want to emphasize that making reliable commitments to these teams is what will determine how coming back together will work overall. So please pray and then step in with boldness to help us make gathering in person something we can all enjoy!

Serving With Kids

At this time, we have yet to roll out a plan for resuming One Hope Kids programming on Sundays. We will continue to offer online experiences and keep you up to date when this will be resuming. If you have a passion for making the online and eventual in-person experience for kids possible, please reach out to Holly.

Increased Safety Measures

We understand that everyone is concerned about safety when it comes to in-person events. We take this very seriously and have been working with the YMCA to develop a plan for coming together that keeps the attention on Jesus and not on the protocols. Going forward, here’s what we’re doing to make your worship experience safe:

  • We will be requiring masks for everyone for the duration of the gathering including anyone on stage not singing or speaking.
  • We are asking people with any symptoms or recent contact to refrain from attending.
  • We are limiting attendance to 80 to maintain social distancing indoors.
  • We are checking every person in when they attend.
  • We are wiping all hard surfaces constantly and electrostatic spraying our chairs weekly.
  • The YMCA is deep cleaning the entire facility weekly.

Thank You

We know things are still not simple for many of you and there are a lot of unknowns. We will continue to offer excellent online worship experiences going forward in addition to these in-person events. For all of you who have patiently waited to serve, those of you who have been serving behind the scenes for months, and everyone still considering, we want you to know how grateful we are that you’re here.

If you have any questions about serving, you can reply to this email and it’ll come straight to me. Meghan is also available and we’re happy to answer your questions so you can move ahead and be part of the One Hope serving family!

In Christ alone,

Mike Moore
Worship & Communications Pastor
One Hope Church