Join a team and help someone else experience the hope of Jesus.

Teams share a purpose
and a passion.

Serving is better experienced together. That’s why we’ve formed teams that work together to make serving fun and as effective as possible, contributing to the overall mission of the church.

Finding your team is something best done by simply trying one. If that team doesn’t feel like a fit, try another until it feels like home. And while you’re free and encouraged to explore different teams, you’ll have a more fulfilling experience when you commit to be all in – learning why the team exists, being a regular part of the team schedule, and becoming an expert on how the team functions – with one team at a time.


Help everyone to feel welcome and at home with One Hope Church in person and online


Help kids experience the hope of Jesus and grow as the next generation of the church; background check required

Setup / Teardown

Help prepare the physical environment by unloading equipment and setting up chairs before people arrive


Use audio, media, video and lighting technology to create an environment where people can connect with God; training provided


Sing or play an instrument with a team of leaders helping the church to sing about who God is and what He's done; audition required


Create a safe and secure space for everyone to gather; background check required


Use photography, videography, graphic design, and public speaking to share the hope of Jesus in creative ways

Common Questions

The first step to serving is to try a team. Before you commit, we want you to feel no pressure to come in, observe, and get some hands on experience with the team. While this no-commitment “test drive” looks different on each team, the idea is the same. We want you to find your place and feel comfortable! If you try a team and it doesn’t seem like a fit, try another! When you find the team that feels like home, make a commitment and join the rotation!¬†

Serving frequency changes based on the position. As a general starting point, we ask our team members to be willing to serve twice per month. There are certain positions that only schedule once per month and others that require weekly serving. When you connect with a team leader they’ll let you know before you commit!

Team members are scheduled using¬†Planning Center Services, an easy-to-use platform designed for coordinating church events. When a leader makes the schedule, he/she will send you a request via email. From that email, you’ll be able to accept or decline the request. You can also manage the dates you’re unavailable in advance so we don’t send you requests.

We know it can be hard coordinating schedules when you have kids. Let us know when you sign up and we’ll work with you to find the best place that works for your family.

We are all about developing and training our team members. Rarely is anyone just ready to go the minute they want to jump in. It’s completely normal and expected that we will provide training from current team members and leaders and we consider it a privilege to help you grow!

You only need a background check if you will be serving on the Kids Team or the Safety Team.