Jesus is hope for the city. the nations. the generations. you.

No matter your story, fears, or failures. There is hope for you today.

Jesus, God’s Son, paid the penalty for sin and died in our place to make us right with God. We can have a relationship with God all because of what Jesus has done and nothing that we have done.

This is the good news or “gospel.”

The Good News

Meet Jesus

The best way to get to know Jesus is through scripture, God’s Word. Download a free Bible for your phone or computer. We’d encourage you to begin with the books of the Bible that tell the story of Jesus’ life  — MatthewMarkLuke or John— or Paul’s letter to the Romans, an explanation of what Jesus’ life, death and resurrection offer to us. If you don’t have a Bible, you can pick one up for free at our Sunday gatherings.

Respond Today

You can respond to the good news right now, wherever you are. Get in a quiet place and just talk to God in your own words using the big ideas below to guide you.

Come Humbly

Acknowledge that you need to be saved from yourself and that you need God to meet You here.


Confess that you believe that Jesus paid the price you deserved to pay for your mistakes.


Commit and surrender every moment of your life, past, present, and future to Jesus.


Thank God for making you, loving you and for hearing your prayer.