God made you to be in community.

Being connected with other believers is essential to growing as a follower of Jesus. Groups are discipling communities in which we love one another, study the Bible, and walk through life together.

Seven Values of Biblical Community

In order to develop the kind of community outlined in the Bible, we have adopted seven values that, if practiced, will help facilitate authentic biblical community. 

Devote Daily

Devoting ourselves daily to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Live Authentically

Living open, honest lives before God and others.

Pursue Relationally

Pursue deep relationships with one another, based on love and acceptance.

Counsel Biblically

We want to give and receive counsel from God's Word and based on God's Word.

Admonish + Encourage Faithfully

Encourage and admonish one another gracefully and faithfully towards maturity.

Engage Missionally

Engage intentionally in the city (community), nations, and generations to make disciples.

Multiply Regularly

Multiplying ministry to others is part of the DNA of a church