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Key Updates on our Weekly Gathering

So many exciting things are happening in our church! We've had the three highest attended Sundays since Easter over the last month.

We want to share some key, strategic updates that affect our weekly Worship Gatherings:

First, beginning on Sunday, October 7th, we will be shifting our start time to 10:00am (moved from 10:30am). This will give us more intentional community time after the gathering and alleviate time pressure with the YMCA especially in the area of Kids.

Second, on the same day, we are going to be shifting our main entrance to the four glass doors on the side of the YMCA. There are a few reasons behind this shift:

  • Everyone in closer proximity instead of being spread throughout the building increases conversation and connectivity.
  • Having the primary gathering space inside of the gym allows for smoother starts to our service.
  • Shifting the entrance allows us to control our entry points for the safety of our kids.

Please help us spread the word about these changes across all of your circles.

We've heard your encouragement about what God is doing and look forward to what He will do as we continue to gather together in worship.

PS. If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to Mike at (407) 984-7463 or send him an email at .

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