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A Dad's Heart

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Monday I got one of those phone calls that stops life: Nathaniel, our youngest studying for his final physics exams at Appalachian State, had appendicitis. He would have to have emergency surgery before we could get there. Our hearts as parents raced as we drove all night to Boone.

Right after the call from Nathaniel that day, I also got a text that my 89-year-old mom was in the ER with a blood clot in each lung. As a friend of mine once said, "You think you are hanging at the end of your rope, but then you realize it is not the end…it can go lower."

One of the main spiritual lessons for me the last decade of my life is that control and security are illusions, but God's goodness and love are not. God never promised us safety, health, freedom from financial need, or a guarantee against human betrayal. He does promise his good and loving presence with us through it all.

So, as my heart raced up I-95 and the humanity in me feared all the what-ifs, I also felt peace because I knew that even if the end of the rope slipped through my hands, there is a good God who will catch me. Even when it's not ok, I will be ok because he has me.

When we finally walked into Nathaniel's hospital room, I could see the relief in his groggy eyes, he said, "Dad, you didn't have to come." But he was wrong; I did. To me, it was not even a decision. I had to come. Love made me.

It is no different for my heavenly father. It is not even a choice for him to be by my side. Love- the essence of who he is-compels him. I know this about him, because I have been here before, in a place of insecure, unsafe, utter lack of control, and he was there with me then.

When life crumbles from underneath us, his is the strong arm holding us from falling into the abys. Everything I love, hold dear and trust for earthly security may fall away, but his covenanted favor and lovingkindness towards me will always be there holding me.

Thank you all for your prayers. You are all reminders of the Father's arms. Nathaniel is recovering. My mom is now home on blood thinner. But, of course it does not and will not always end this way. But these are not interruptions. This is the spiritual journey. And I am glad to be doing it together.

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Being the Church Matters

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Well, it's official. Our house in NC closes today and the Scotts are now officially moved to Florida! Wahoo! We are so excited about this next chapter of our lives as part of what God is doing through the One Hope family.

A nearly full moving semi convicted me of something I need to confess: we have way too much stuff. My heart has static electricity. It has become attached to a lot of lint. This hit me when I realized that Donna and I are currently living happily without our stuff in a "Tiny House" (a 300 sq. ft. in-law studio). The irony is our belongings in storage take up over twice that space. When we move from storage into our new house, I am going to exercise the spiritual discipline of simplicity, de-stuffing as we unpack. Pray for my repentance from a consuming heart that loves to say "Oh, I should keep that…you never know, I might need it."

Donna has already begun ministering full-time with Cru on the UCF staff team discipling college students and mobilizing them to disciple high school students at University High School, off Rouse near the YMCA. Pray for her and the women God wants to reach through her.

As I have begun this new role as your Lead Pastor, I have been asking: "What is the bottom line for me and for us as a church?" To me, it comes down to being and making disciples.

That is why at 6:45 am every Sunday morning, a team of you begins setting up chairs. You care. You are not doing church chores; you know you are growing the kingdom of God. The hospitality team makes coffee so someone coming to church for the first time will feel more at home. Greeters are our front door missionaries. Group leaders invest multiple hours a week because community is the lifeblood of discipleship.

That is why when I serve in kids on May 6 instead of preaching, I will not be doing childcare; I will be discipling children in the bible. I could use an extra hour of sleep that Sunday but I ask to do setup that same day as well because my question is not "How little can I do as a volunteer/member/pastor?" Instead my prayer is, "God I want to give you my all and I pray that you will use my feeble, flawed service by grace to make a difference in someone else's life."

That is why Donna and I tore up our roots in NC and came to join you. That is why we consider it a blessing to roll up our sleeves alongside you. That is why I am passionate about what I do.

That is also why I encourage you to remind yourself WHY we are doing this.

Put simply: it matters.

Thank you for the privilege!

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