Serve on a Team

"For even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve,
and to give His life as a ransom for many." - Mark 10:45

Use Your Gifts

Serving has both an inward and an outward effect. God works in us to change our perspectives, motivations, and even our understanding of ourselves when we jump in and serve. And He works through us to impact others as needs are met and the world is left different than when we found it.


Serving is better together! Teams are groups of people with a common passion and purpose. Learn more about our teams below:


Help people to feel at home & take steps to become part of the church family


Help kids experience the love of Jesus and grow as the next generation of the church


Prepare the way for people to experience Jesus in a warm, welcoming environment


Help people move from “new here” to belonging to the family


Lead the church to sing about who God is and what He has done


Use technology to create an environment where people can connect with God


Create a safe and secure space for everyone to gather


Help the church craft and share the message of Jesus through writing, speaking, design, photo, and video


Help others develop lasting relationships and grow in their faith

Common Questions

The best way to discover your place is by jumping in. We expect this to be a learning and self-discovery process so you can shift teams until you find the best fit! Our leaders are here to help all along the way!

We expect our volunteers to serve at least once a month but preferably twice per month on average.

All Serve Teams utilize Planning Center Services to schedule our volunteers. When you are placed on the schedule, you will receive an email notification with information detailing the day and position for which you are being asked to serve. From that email, you are able to accept or decline the request.

We will have a Serve Team Captain work with you to familiarize you with the ins and outs of the team. They will make sure you feel comfortable with your role before asking you to serve regularly.

We know it can be hard coordinating schedules when you have kids. Let us know when you sign up and we’ll work with you to find the best place that works for your family.

You only need a background check if you will be serving on the Kids Team or the Safety Team.

We expect all of our volunteers to bring their best, give generously of their time and energy, and have fun!

Our Ministry Assistant, Meghan Cole, works to connect people to our Serve Teams. She would love to help you out and get you connected to the right team!