Meet Jesus

Are you hopeless? Broken? Searching? Have you ever felt empty? Confused? Lost?

There is hope for you. No matter your story or your struggles. No matter your doubts or fears. No matter your mistakes or failures. There is one hope that won't fade, that won't fail, and will change your life forever and we really want to share it with you.

Good news

God is offering you hope right now in the midst of whatever you're going through. He isn't asking you to pretend or promising that your external circumstances will immediately change. But He is offering you a different perspective, fresh eyes that will alter how you see the world.

God's offer is this: His only Son, Jesus.

Why do I need Jesus?

The Bible - God's written Word that He gave to people - teaches very simply that every person - past, present, and future - is born with rebellion in their heart toward God (Romans 3:23). From the earliest age and without any training, everyone has selfish motives that continue to grow out of control, moving us further from the hope and life that we really need (Romans 6:23). 

Jesus, God's own Son, came to the earth thousands of years ago and lived a real life full of joy and pain, laughter and heartache. But unlike us, He was perfect in everything He did. He had no selfish motives and made no wrong decisions.

And it was His perfection that made Him a perfect sacrifice.

Jesus was unjustly condemned and killed on a Roman cross to pay the price for all of your mistakes.

His death satisfied the demands of God’s holy justice. It also demonstrated His mysterious love and revealed His amazing grace.

But that's only half of the story. If Jesus had only died, we'd be freed from our guilt but lack the hope of something greater.

After suffering and dying the death that we deserved, Jesus came back to life demonstrating His matchless power and revealing a hope for our future that outshines everything else. He offers the same resurrection and hope to anyone who will trust in Him.

Simply put: Jesus was and is the only mediator between God and man. There is no other person or thing that can save us (Acts 4:12). Jesus is our one hope.

How do I find hope?

First, meet Jesus. You can do that right now, wherever you are. It's as simple as talking to God and admitting that you desperately need him (Romans 10:9).

Get in a quiet place so you can talk out loud. Admit to God that you've fallen short and need forgiveness for the wrongs you've done. Tell him that you believe that Jesus lived, died, and rose again. Confess that you believe that Jesus paid the price you deserved to pay for your mistakes. 

Commit and surrender every moment of your life, past, present, and future to him. Tell him that you want him to lead you and show you how to live.

Thank him for making you, loving you and for hearing your prayer. 

What next?

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