Find Community

God made you to be in community with others. At One Hope Church, we believe that being in community is essential to grow as a disciple of Jesus.  Jesus said that the world would recognize his followers by how they “love one another” (John 13:35).

Groups are discipling communities in which we love one another, study the Bible, and walk through life together.

Where should I start?

Connect Groups

The easiest way to begin connecting at One Hope is to join a Connect Group. Connect Groups are One Hope’s front porch. They are the place to take a step towards plugging in and getting to know new people. In a Connect Group, you are welcome no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

In these informal gatherings, we discuss the Bible, learn to study it for ourselves and discover how it applies to our lives. 

Connect Groups also serve as the primary pathway for Community Group formation.

Community Groups

Community Groups are One Hope’s family room, a place to become spiritual family for one another. They are discipling communities made of a smaller, set number of group members pursuing a deeper and long–term commitment to one another both relationally and spiritually.  Our vision is that Community Groups will naturally form out of Connect Groups.

To get started, launch the Connect Group Finder or fill out a Connect Form and select "Join a Group" under the "I'd like to" section.