Worship at Home

A simple plan for worship wherever you are

An On-Demand Experience

We’ve compiled the items below into a liturgy that should last about 1 hour and can be started / stopped as necessary (for the most focused experience, go through the whole thing at one time).

Suggested Liturgy

This liturgy references an accompanying YouTube Playlist you can access below.
  • Read John 3:16 out loud and slow enough to pay attention to the words.
  • Reflect intentionally on God’s love for all people and His desire to save us.
  • Watch and listen (and sing if you know it) to the song “God So Loved”
  • Pay attention to the bridge “Praise God, Praise God from whom all blessings flow”
  • Before continuing, think (or share as a group) of specific things you can thank God for even in the midst of challenges.
  • Watch and sing along with the song “Way Maker”
    • Remind yourself of God’s presence.
    • Remind yourself of God’s power.
    • Remind yourself of God’s plan.
  • Watch and sing along with the song “Christ Be Magnified”
    • Remind yourself of the centrality of Christ in all things.
    • Remind yourself of Jesus’ worthiness to be praised above all.
  • Spend a few minutes in silent or spoken prayer.
  • Pray using the simple A.C.T.S. model
    • A = Adoration (list God’s character traits that you know to be true and unchanging)
    • C = Confession (list your own specific shortcomings and sin; bring them before God in surrender and need for healing)
    • T = Thanksgiving (thank God for specific gifts He’s given to you including the gift of Jesus, His only Son)
    • S = Supplication (ask God for specific things such as healing, resources, wisdom, peace, hope, and salvation for people around you)
  • Listen to THIS SERMON from Pastor Justin.
  • Journal or discuss the following questions:
    • How are you tempted to respond more in fear than faith in suffering?
    • What is true of God that counteracts that fear?
    • How can you trust God today in faith?
  • Watch and listen to the song “Lord, I Need You”
    • Remind yourself of your need for God.
    • Boldly lean on Him without fear.
  • Take Communion and/or watch the song “Remembrance”
    • Read about communion in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34.
    • Examine your heart for division, doubt, fear, and sin. Bring these things to God in confession.
    • Take juice and bread / crackers as a reminder of Jesus’ blood and body.
  • Consider giving to the mission of One Hope Church.
  • Giving is an act of trust in God for provision, a way to thank Him and acknowledge His ownership of all things, and a way to participate in something bigger than we can accomplish alone.
  • Read Psalm 29:10-11 out loud.
  • Watch and sing along (make sure closed captions are on) to the song “Highlands”
    • Consider how this applies to your life right now.
    • Resolve to give God praise during the high, low, and in-between moments of your life.