We believe that Jesus was the ultimate example of a servant. God came to earth and lived as a man, sacrificially serving and caring for others, especially those who couldn't care for themselves.

Jesus modeled a life of service and called the people of the church to follow him.

Every weekend, people of different ages, backgrounds, experiences, and skills volunteer their time and effort so that someone else can find hope in Jesus. We'd love for you to experience the joy of serving others with us!


Serving requires time and effort but doesn't have to be boring! There’s a serving opportunity that suits your unique personality and gifts. Below is a list of our current teams with a brief description of what they do:

  • Hospitality Team: greeting, ushering, and creating a welcoming space for everyone
  • Next Steps Team: answering questions and assisting people in taking their next step toward Jesus and the church
  • Safety Team: securing our facility so that everyone, especially children, will feel safe in our care
  • Kids Team: caring for children and helping them grow to love Jesus and others
  • Setup / Teardown Team: loading & unloading gear, setting up & tearing down chairs, drapes, and signage
  • Worship Team: singing, playing instruments, and leading the church to find hope in Jesus
  • Production Team: utilizing audio and video to create an excellent, distraction-free worship experience for everyone
  • Accounting Team: handling money and making sure finances are managed with accuracy and care (must be a Partner)


We are always in need of people to serve in specific positions on our Sunday Teams and would love for your help in filling them.

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If you don’t know where to start, we’ve created a simple form that helps us help you to find your unique gifts and then start using them within the church.