Our Band leads the church in worship and shares the hope of Jesus by singing and playing instruments.

If you play and instrument or sing and are interested in serving in our band, please thoroughly read all of the information below.


We believe leadership matters and therefore certain expectations apply that may not apply to other serving positions. We ask that all Band Members regularly review and strive to meet these expectations:

  • Be part of the One Hope Church family.
    • Attend / Participate in Sunday gatherings when not leading.
    • Be known (intentionally build relationships with the people of the church).
    • Make serving a priority.
    • Share hope in Jesus regularly with people around you.
  • Love what you do and try to do it better.
    • Have fun and let it show.
    • Give and receive constructive criticism / coaching to / from the team.
  • Lead off the stage like you were on stage.
    • Understand the weight and importance of your leadership.
    • Demonstrate responsibility and wisdom in your choices.
  • Be a team player.
    • Be willing to lead at least twice per month.
    • Honor the time of others (arrive on time and keep commitments when scheduled).
    • Come prepared.
    • Seek to serve your teammates and help them grow.


All positions in our band require an audition in the form of a video submission (as simple as recording yourself with a smartphone). This takes away the pressure of a live audition and allows you to share your best audition possible (if you don't like the way it looks or sounds, record it again until you're proud of it).

Our team will review all videos and contact you within 1 week with a response.


  • timing / rhythm
  • tuning / pitch
  • tone
  • confidence / energy
  • ability to improvise when necessary


  1. Record yourself or have a friend record you performing a current worship song of your choice. Or, if you already have something recorded from another church or performance, you can send it. We expect phone videos so nothing professional is required. Just make sure we can clearly hear your part(s). 

  2. Upload or publish your video(s) somewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc).

  3. Share the link(s) to your video(s) with us. Send an email to . Include the link(s), your name, and phone number and use the subject "Band Audition."